I suspect my horse has PSSM - now what?


If, after taking the Symptom Test, or Researching your horse's bloodlines you are suspicious that your horse may have PSSM, we recommend having your horse tested.  It is a simple DNA test that involves you carefully pulling a few mane hairs (about 20) and sending them to a lab for genetic testing.  It costs $40 and will give you confirmation of your suspicions.   The sypmtoms of PSSM can be many other things as well such as ulcers, or poor saddle fit, or other injuries, etc., etc. so it is important to verify whether your horse does indeed have PSSM.

The Lab we recommend is Animal Genetics.  They are reliable, they have fast service and reasonable rates and you should know the answer within a week of sending your hair sample away.

Click HERE to visit Animal Genetics.

Download the Animal Genetics Submission Form HERE without going to the Animal Genetics Website.

In the meantime - make the following adjustments and see if you notice an improvement... if your horse is stalled, turn him out preferably with no grass - PSSM horses need to be able to move around.  Stop feeding any supplements that are high in starch, such as sweet feed, maize, wheat, oats, and barley.  Provide supplemental fat (oil) for working horses and if possible daily exercise for non working horses. If only the diet is changed, researchers have found that approximately 50% of horses improve. If both diet and exercise are altered, then a higher percentage of horses show improvement. 

If you get your test back and it confirms your suspicions - search out PSSM diets on the internet - there are many different types of hay that are good and bad for PSSM horses, there are may different types of oil that are good and bad for PSSM horses and there are other supplements that can be added to improve your PSSM horse's overall health.

And lastly, if your suspicions are correct and your horse does test positive for PSSM we would appreciate you sending us your horse's info to add to our database.

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