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This week - A Look At Yellow Jacket!
Looking at Yellow Jacket with the info we currently have in our database.
We have 1388 PSSM positive Stock Horse pedigrees and Yellow JAcket is in 100% of those pedigrees.
Of the 81,691 Stock horses in the database – Yellow Jacket is in 54,960 of them (that have completed pedigrees) 
Yellow Jacket had 37 foals registered with AQHA. – of those 13 had 0 foals so they can be ruled out as contributors to PSSM. Of the 24 left – 8 of those have no PSSM descendants in the database at this time. To understand the numbers below you have to understand these numbers which pertain strictly to the BRIDGEquine database – when you see a set of numbers like this: 1361P/37769/3165N  - It means the horse has 1351 PSSM positive Descendants at this time in the database – they have 37,369 total descendants in the database at this time and 3165 of those descendants have been recorded as NN at this time.
Of the other 16 YJ sons and daughters left, 8 have a significant amount of positive offspring to make them suspect.
Yellow Jacket foal - Strait Horse had 8 foals - 1361P/37769/3165N almost all of which were through Jabalina 1351P/35973 – through King 1346P/35571/3110N and through Mare by Straight Horse 614P/9306  through Zandy 614P/9181 who had 53 foals
A Best Guess would not say that Strait Horse was Positive as King is not suspected at this time.
Yellow Jacket foal -  Nettie Jacket 1327P-34364-2667N through Ben Hur 1 who had 67 foals 1327P-34363-2667N – Ben Hurs positives are all coming through these 4 horses:
Waggoners Rainy Day  154 foals  1195P/25802/2046N
Mare By Ben Hur   912P-17642-1665N
Little Ben    71 foals    321P/4533
Ben Hur II   with 50 reg aQHA foals   94P/1064
WRD’s positives are coming through:
Rainy Day Mare      941P/17653
Dan Waggoner   345 foals    376P/5688/466N
Denver       315P-5104-483N through Chigger 42
Yellow Jacket foal - Yellow Jacket Mare   1302P/30802/2516N   through BeetchsYellowJacket   9 foals    1286P/29392
Yellow Jacket Foal Cowboy 22    130 foals   1284P/19511/1244N coming through Hired Girl  758P/13473 (who’s dam is Leche 1 out of YJ Dam Gold Digger 1) and Cowboy 22’s foals make up the rest as follows: Hard Twist  166 foals   214P/1888; Cow Poke 5 foals   142P/1540; Pancho V  33foals    112P/759; Captain Easy  97 foals    56P/531/43N; Navie Girl  71P/1425
Yellow Jacket Foal - Blackburn     168 foals    1092P-19992-2066N
Gold Digger 1 – 839P/14663/1179N through Leche 1    774P/13795
Yellow Boy  92 foals    737P/10728/1328N   
Yellow Jacket Foal - Bud Bennett Horse had 2 foals - 332P/5479/425N  all through Walts Little Buck who had 16 foals The 332 positives are coming through – Antonio – My Bandit and mostly Rondo Oklahoma – who traces to mostly Skipa Star who had 916 foals – so the Bud Bennet horse could just be a case of one of his offspring having a lot of progeny
So some thoughts on these numbers?  It is interesting to look at how many positives there are - 1388 – and how many YJ 1st gen offspring are close to that number by themselves? Because King goes back to YJ and King is in 35,617 peds on his own it’s very easy to see why YJ appears in so many pos peds and yet we do not suspect King.  But then you can do this for each of his offspring – if a horse is positive you would expect to see roughly half of his offspring positive and then the PSSM numbers evenly dispersed through their offspring.  In almost every one of YJ’s offspring this is not the case – most of them had a lot of foals but the positives are only coming from a couple of them and those are usually ones that had a lot of foals themselves – an example being Waggoner Rainy Day – he had 154 foals and yet only 3 of them account for the numbers of positives one of them significantly which is Rainy Day mare.  We have a lot more studying to do and right now more questions than answers but it is very interesting and with more pedigrees we will have more answers – so we ask for everyone to PLEASE send us you PSSM positive peds and your NN peds as enough NN’s can give us more answers as well.  And if you have any questions on any of these numbers or any thoughts we’d love to hear them.

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Database Stats updated 1/4/2018

  • Total Horses - 224,965
  • 5 Panel NN - 3,747
  • PSSM1 NN - 9,402
  • PSSM P1 - 2740
  • PSSM2 - 108
  • P2 tested - 138
  • P3 tested - 57
  • P4 tested - 33
  • PX tested - 96 
  • HYPP pos - 4507
  • HERDA pos - 628
  • GBED N/GBD - 525
  • MH N/MH - 80
  • OLWS Pos - 224

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