Grey or Gray

Grey - The Wild Card

Grey or Gray (used interchangeably)  is a dominant gene that always expresses itself eventually.

We call it the wild card because you just never know what you are going to get with grey and your horse might turn many different shades of many colors before it finally completes the process of being almost totally white in it's old age. 
Below is an example:



The horse above is AQHA BMF Honeys Jameen - she is a Red Dun going Grey pictured here as a four year old.  She has no black in her genetics.  It is the grey factor that has turned her this gorgeous color.  As she ages eventually she will turn completely grey.  Genetics do not lie and as unbelievable as it might be this horse is not a buckskin and she will eventually be totally grey depending how long she lives. 
Her DNA color code is |ee DNdn Gg |

Grey can produce spectacular and varied results.

More people than can be counted have mis-guessed the color of a horse because it had grey DNA.  Grey will always trace back in an unbroken line in the pedigree.  If you see grey skip a generation it is only because someone didn't register the horse properly.  On this site we try to put the base color and dilution colors wherever we can know them, as well as indicate if the horse has the grey gene as it is the base color that can affect what color any foals produced might be.

Grey always shows itself eventually if the horse has it.  Newborn foals are extremely hard to be adamant that they are or are not grey but a general guideline is that if the horse has one or more grey parents and it is born looking an adult color instead of with baby coloring it will likely go grey.  Eg.  A foal born that is pitch black from one or two grey parents will likely go grey - usually black foals are not pitch black when they are born but only show pitch black after they have shed their baby coat.  Likewise a foal born buckskin color with sharp black legs, mane and tail from grey parents will likely go grey.

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