PSSM or another name EPSM is a hereditary disease that affects horses in many ways.  It is one of the "5 Panel Diseases" that AQHA is now requiring all Stallions to be tested for (and hopefully mares will follow suit). 


Many horses that have been described as "hard to start", moody, grumpy, or "just need miles" suffer from PSSM.  Symptoms include weird things like flipping in cross ties, being "cinchy, rock hard tense muscles, mysterious lameness, hard to get on a certain lead, bucking when they lope, trouble standing for the farrier, and many other strange symptoms including the major one - tying up - that many horses experience at one time or another, but the PSSM horse is plagued by them.  With a change of feed and exercise many horses show dramatic improvement and go on to live very useful lives while some do actually have to be put down from this disease.  It is prevalent in many of the high end Quarter Horse bloodlines and other breeds that have crossed to Quarter Horses are finding PSSM as well. 


There are many great sites to get more information on the disease itself.  Researchers have linked the disease to three trace horses which they are not disclosing at this time.  BRIDGE is trying to shed light on these bloodlines by asking anyone with a PSSM positive horse to send their info to BRIDGE (email or contact us through facebook) so we can add the bloodlines to our database to help show a clear picture of which horses have the bloodlines which are carrying this.  If you prefer to have your info kept private you can still send it to us and we will keep it in our Private Database and use it for research.  


If you have a horse you are wondering about, whether it is likely to have HERDA, HYPP or PSSM, GBED, MH, OLWS, PSSM2, DSLD or any other genetic disease you can contact us OR you can look at the online database yourself - your horse may not be there yet but you can look up ancestors OR send us your horse's info and we will put it in the database so you can look it up.


We urge people to please send us info on any genetically tested horse so that we can get as many horses as possible into the database so people can search the lines for themselves.   If you are wanting to help educate people about any of the Five Disease we encourage you to consider a small donation today!  Your donation will go a long way toward helping to provide good information for future Buyers, Breeders and Sellers, as well as making life easier for afflicted horses - after all if the owners know what is wrong with their horse they can take steps to make their horses life better and more useful.


What can I do for my PSSM horse?

Start by cutting all sugar from the diet, this means oats and other grains and many supplemental feeds.

Add some fat to the diet - this can be done with vegetable oil.
Turn your horse out - stalling is bad for PSSM horses - preferably in an area with little to no grass

Excercise your horse daily

For more comprehensive help join the PSSM Forum on facebook - you can ask questions and get excellent help from others that have and are dealing with PSSM positive horses.

Help Us Out?

Every Donation, no matter how small encourages us to keep working on the database and website.

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