DSLD is also known as ESPA


DSLD/ESPA is a disease that affects the connective tissue (tendons & ligaments) and symptoms usually appear outwardly in the suspensory ligaments or tendons of lower legs, especially the fetlock area. Other subtle signs maybe be seen before the legs are affected outwardly.


FLEX TEST & ULTRASOUND are used to confirm DSLD Diagnosis.

Flex test of fetlock joints, ultrasound of suspensories. Dsld horses will fail the flex test in two or more legs.

Palpation of suspensories will find them to be very hard & taunt, maybe lumpy from calcification or could be mushy. Pain response is also noted.


Many DSLD horses have high iron levels and low magnesium levels.



Try our new DSLD SYMPTOM CHECKER if you suspect your horse might have DSLD.

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