GBED is a genetically inherited disease which causes death.

When two horses that carry the GBED genetics are bred to each other, if the resulting foal inherits one GBED gene from each parent the foal will not survive.


This disease is fatal as the heart muscle, brain and skeletal muscles cannot function. 

Some feel that it is okay to breed GBED horses as long as they don't breed a carrier to a carrier - this is a very short sighted approach as each such breeding has the 50% chance of producing another carrier.  Right now there are relatively few GBED carriers BUT if a lesson is taken from the draft breeds where PSSM is almost at a 50% rate in some of the breeds one can see that future generations will eventually be dealing with a majority of GBED carriers - we can take a proactive stand now and breed these diseases out, rather than just continue because they don't affect us directly.


GBED has been traced to King and his sire Zantanon.

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