PSSM2 - P2

The PSSM 2 Variant labelled P2 has many similar symptoms to P1 with the addition of the following:

a.) P2 horses often lose their topline and show muscle wasting or rapid muscle loss.

b.) P2 horses often display muscle divoting (dents) as shown below (look like the horse has been kicked)

c.) P2 horses display exercise intolerance

d.) P2 horses often display a sudden change in temperament (pain related)

e.) P2 horses often have a strange gait noticable in the rear legs as a bunnyhop (short stride) at the canter



muscle divot desiree taylors P2 horse



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A very good resource if you think your horse may have a form of PSSM is the Facebook Group - PSSM Forum - meet people who are dealing with this issue and who have helpful advise for you as to where to start.  


You can get your horse tested for P2 at Equiseq

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