Ropewalk - When a horse places its feet one behind the other when it walks - simulating a tight rope walker.


Tying Up - This is when the horses muscles contract and do not relax. The horse will appear to be nailed to the floor in the back end while seemingly being able to move the front end without any problems. They will appear to be in significant pain.


Dominant - Referrring to DNA this means that a horse only needs one copy of a gene to be afflicted by the illness.


Recessive - Referring to DNA this means the horse needs to copies of the gene in order to be afflicted by the illness - horses with one gene are referred to as carriers.

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Our main goal is to find the source horses for genetic diseases. In the meantime we also provide information to help Breeders, Buyers and Owners make good choices when breeding buying or selling their horses.

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