What's This Site About?

This is the home base for The BRIDGEquine Association.  

It is a grassroots organization which bands horse owners together for the common cause of educating and providing people with information about the genetics of horses which affect their everyday decisions with purchasing, breeding and owning horses.  All breeds are welcome to register.  We are developing a database which records genetic information such as color and inheritable disease - both positive and negative horses can be registered and should be registered to fully develop the database. 


The site features the following:

* A Searchable Database -  This is the unique feature for BRIDGE. We ask for your patience as we grow the database to help people get a better idea which bloodlines are continually repeating the genetic diseases and which horses have the DNA color genetics to produce the colors they want to see.

* Educational Articles written in Layman's terms for Genetic Diseases and also Color Genetics.

* A Place to see how genetic diseases affect horses and their owners.

* Incentives to encourage the testing of older surviving horses before they pass on to help provide answers to genetic disease questions.

And we are wide open to suggestions for other ideas to help encourage people to test their horses and to make informed and responsible buying and breeding decisions.

Help Us Out?

Every Donation, no matter how small encourages us to keep working on the database and website.

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About BRIDGEquine:

Our main goal is to find the source horses for genetic diseases. In the meantime we also provide information to help Breeders, Buyers and Owners make good choices when breeding buying or selling their horses.

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